Spotlight Search Partners takes very seriously how we work on behalf of our clients. Our job is to find or know people who at the top of their field in every area we cover. Part of our process is having not only a thorough understanding of the position we are working on, but also organizational structure and culture fit. In exploring a career opportunity with your Spotlight Search Partner Recruiter, you should keep the following points in mind:


  • Be honest with us; share not only your values and career aspirations, but also any obstacles to consideration of an opportunity.
  • Give us a complete description of your work experience.
  • Send requested material promptly.
  • If you have concerns, tell us in a timely manner so we can deal with them promptly.
  • Listen and respond to our counseling because we know the client and their needs.
  • Provide us with solid professional references that are familiar with your work.
  • Fulfill your commitments – A call to us right after an interview is an important part of the offer development process.


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