Consulting Approach

The key aspects of this consulting approach to executive recruiting include:
  • Promptly provides candidates whose capabilities have been well-vetted
  • Identifies the key must-haves for this position, and other important skill sets
  • Meet every must-have, and 90% or more of the preferred skill sets
  • Offer options: a minimum of two qualified candidates
  • Present candidates willing to work within the salary range specified
  • Candidates with a record of making a difference
So that is the Spotlight Search Partners value proposition to you. We will function as your Executive Search Partner, with a service that provides:
  • An Urgency to the Approach
  • Identified Must-Haves
  • 90% of Skill Sets Met
  • Two Qualified Candidates Promptly
  • Within Your Specified Salary Range
  • Carefully Vetted
  • Candidates with a Record of Contribution